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Debra Dalgleish
Microsoft Excel MVP; Owner,

“You’ll quickly learn the Excel essentials by following Bob's hands-on guide. He cuts out the fluff and takes you to the heart of Excel, with real-life examples and practical advice.”

John Clark
CPA, Sr. VP, CFO, Sunesys, LLC (A subsidiary of Quanta Svcs)

“Have you always wanted to learn the basics of Excel and navigate with confidence? Are you active in today’s competitive job market and do you want to pass that basic proficiency test or answer the interviewer with confidence? Are you transitioning from Excel 2003 to Excel 2007, struggling to do simple things, and think a fresh approach would be worthwhile? Then you want to read Simply Learning Excel 2007. With a straightforward and understandable approach, the author guides you through practical tutorials and culminates with lessons introducing you to some of the program's most powerful tools. It is quick, effective and, yes, Simple.”
William A. Hicks
Director, ISA Consulting and former Arthur Andersen Partner
“As an early adopter of the electronic spreadsheet in the 1980’s (e.g., VisiCalc, MicroPlan and Lotus 123) I have been exposed to multiple Instructor-led and Self-Paced Spreadsheet Training programs. Mr. Ryan's “Simply Learning Excel 2007” offers a unique, tutorial based learning model which offers value to both the novice and intermediate Excel user (basic Excel commands/formulas to presenting information via PivotTables and charts). Along the way, Mr. Ryan helps the student build a tool to effectively track personal financial data. Clearly a worthwhile investment as a step-by-step tutorial and on-going reference manual.”

David S. Hale
President - Our Company IT, LLC

"Robert Ryan has done a fabulous job on this book. I have been teaching computer applications for over 25 years and I am very impressed with the amount of forethought that has gone into each chapter of this training guide. It is very helpful that the book covers the same example all the way through. Not only is this consistent, but really has the learner feeling accomplished by the end of each chapter. Also the fact that the people who purchase this book also have access to Robert directly via the "Ask the Author Live!™" section of his web site, really shows the dedication that he has to his customers."

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