Tips for Designing Spreadsheets: Part 1

I strive to use the KISS method – Keep It Short and Simple – whether I’m creating a single, short spreadsheet or designing a complex workbook containing a series of large, related spreadsheets.  Here is the first of two recommendations I have for designing spreadsheets in Excel:

All the content on a single sheet should (generally) be closely related.  For example, if I’m responsible for a “Fun Day,” I might have one worksheet showing the volunteers’ names and contact information and a second sheet to keep track of who will run each activity during the day.

Click here to open an Excel 2007 file (zipped, no macros) containing a design I recommend. Click here to open an Excel 2007 file (zipped, no macros) that contains a design I do not recommend.

About Robert Ryan

Robert F. Ryan, MBA, CPA, is an independent business consultant, educator, writer, and finance leader in a Fortune 50 multinational company. He has a passion for simplicity, quality, efficiency, and a unique ability to explain things to people, so they understand quickly and thoroughly. He's worked with spreadsheets extensively for almost thirty years, including VisiCalc, Lotus 1-2-3, and Excel.
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