“Simple” Giveaway Winners

Thank you all for participating in the “Simple” Giveaway. The winner of the top prize, with a value of approximately $145, is Chip. Chip will receive a copy of the book “Simply Learning Excel 2007” by Robert Ryan, MBA, CPA, and a live, personal, one-hour Excel session with Bob via WebEx. Bob will cover and/or answer any questions about any topic from the book, e.g. PivotTables, Filters, VLOOKUP, etc. This prize is transferrable, so Chip can give it to a family member or co-worker who needs some extra help, or they could even share it (the live session part) with up to 20 co-workers. Bob is looking forward to the session.

The four runners-up were Michael Tisler, Kanti, Gerry Bakker and Scott. Each of them will receive a free book, with a value of approximately $20 each. They, along with any reader of the book, can get their questions answered at no extra cost via a live WebEx session by submitting their questions to Ask the Author… LIVE!® at SimplyLearningExcel.com. The winners have already received an email letting them know they won.

Not surprisingly, the most common Excel feature learned and shared was PivotTables! Click this link to open an Excel 2007 file (zipped, no macros) named “Just the answers.xlsx” that shows a summary of all the answers. Click this link to download a video showing how the winners were determined.

Thanks again for participating, and we hope you visit again soon.

 Video showing winner calculation

About Robert Ryan

Robert F. Ryan, MBA, CPA, is an independent business consultant, educator, writer, and finance leader in a Fortune 50 multinational company. He has a passion for simplicity, quality, efficiency, and a unique ability to explain things to people, so they understand quickly and thoroughly. He's worked with spreadsheets extensively for almost thirty years, including VisiCalc, Lotus 1-2-3, and Excel.
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