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Copying Formats, Part 1: Cells & Columns Using Paste Special

Have you ever had a situation where you wanted to make the format of particular cells or columns identical to another cell or column? I encounter this situation somewhat frequently, and when I do, I use Excel’s format copying feature. … Continue reading

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Hiding and Unhiding Using the Grouping Feature

In last week’s blog, I mentioned there was a little plus sign above Column C in the sheet named “List” in the file that accompanied that blog, as shown here:   Please click this link to open the Excel 2007 … Continue reading

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Packing for Vacation Using PivotTables

While PivotTables can certainly be used to summarize numerical information, they can also be used to organize non-numerical information. Case in point: packing for vacation. I used to have a vacation packing list in Word, but I found I needed … Continue reading

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