Free Workbook to Record Actuals and Budget, and Compare Actuals vs Budget

In honor of Spreadsheet Day, 2011, I’ve prepared a workbook where a person with minimal knowledge of Excel can enter amounts they actually earned and spent, enter a budget for a month, and have Excel automatically show them a comparison of actual amounts versus budget amounts as well as show actual trends. Please see the article written by Debra Dalgleish of Contextures at both Excel Student Budget: Spreadsheet Day 2011 and in her Pivot-Table blog. (From my perspective, Debra has the best Excel website on the planet!) Please post any questions you may have here and I’ll answer them promptly. I’d also love to hear any suggestions you have to make it better.

Click this link to download a free version of the Actuals and Budget Excel 2007 workbook (zipped, no macros).

If you’ve never prepared a budget before, just record your actual amounts for three or four months, then look for trends in the PivotTable in the sheet named “Actuals by Month.” Hopefully, you’ll then be better able to prepare a budget.

About Robert Ryan

Robert F. Ryan, MBA, CPA, is an independent business consultant, educator, writer, and finance leader in a Fortune 50 multinational company. He has a passion for simplicity, quality, efficiency, and a unique ability to explain things to people, so they understand quickly and thoroughly. He's worked with spreadsheets extensively for almost thirty years, including VisiCalc, Lotus 1-2-3, and Excel.
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  2. Prem Singh says:

    Dear Sir,
    is it possible that a pivot table add data automatically if i add any data or column or data in source data of pivot table if yes than please sir tell how is it possible with their examples because i add some data on the source data of pivot table and made the data refresh and pivot table too but pivot table could not take data after refreshing lot of time

    • Bob Ryan says:

      Prem – I just re-confirmed that once refreshed, all the PivotTables will automatically include any data added to the source sheet. Having said that, the PivotTables on the sheet named “Cash, Credit Card Verification” will only reflect data on the source sheet that have “Cash” or “CrCard-Chk# xxx” (replace “xxx” with the actual check number used to pay the credit card balance) in the column labeled Check#. Please let me know whether this resolves the issue.

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